And he is destroying the happy note, Shaqiri liar

Summer 4.5 Sometimes he plays with fire. But on two occasions, she was decisive.

Elvedi 4 Not exactly at his levels. 1-0 for the United States stems from his liberation of the region.

Share3,5 Find the stadium with the national team. Unfortunately, some minor injuries, too. In short, his chance is not making use of it to the fullest extent.

Benito 4 Deployed in the three defense, he does his duty. Many times, it plays in reverse.

Destroys 5 It is the happy note of the evening. Pays a lot and well. Petkovic rewards him with 90 minutes.

Shaka 4 Median between insufficient first half and positive recovery – in the control room.

Zechariah 4,5 it’s the truth. At the technical level it does not excel. However, the leg is providing positive signals.

Rodriguez 4 The coach returns to spread it along the wing. He finds a goal, a missed penalty and some occasional passes. In the second half it is repeated in the triple pack, as it now offers more guarantees.

Shaqiri 3.5.1 update He is a little mistaken. The little “are companions for not handing the correct balls. The result is a bad test.

Plunger 4 Bad until 45 minutes, when I miss countless balls. Better in the second half, even if he wasn’t bad enough in front of goal.

Severovich 3,5 Rather intolerant. It is not very shiny at 16m.

Akanji 4,5 Enter and restore order in the Swiss defense.

Freuler 4,5 Same as above. Its entrance is a panacea. Which puts the United States in trouble.

Karim, Mehmedi e Fassnacht sv.

Petkovic 4 He was looking for the first answers from the team. Not all of them are positive. But winning is always good and it wasn’t easy to tame the United States.

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