ANAG comparison at the meeting

Today – 17.00 TQQ in Naples (R, 7th race, 1600m) Grand Prix: Quinté 6257.85 euros. Favorites: 3-19-6-9-11. Surprises: 16-15-18. The conference begins at 14.05 hours. He also ran to Monteggio (T, 13.20), Rome (13.35), Milan (T, 14). TV: UnireSat Live.

yesterday – TQQ in Bologna: Tris 13-3-12, 105.97 € for 92 winners, fee with rit (No. 8) 19.12 €; Quarté 13-3-12-14, € 135.32 for 20 winners, QR 25.59; Quinte 13-3-12-14-1, Nevada

France – Mustangs yesterday in Saint Cloud: Junior (€ 27,000, € 2,000 million) 10. Morepepper; A / C (35,000 €, 1,400m) 5. Rose Gold; To claim (24,000 euros, 900m) 4. Blue Dream, 9. Kenyot, 12. Kenny. Gallup yesterday in Lyon: Handicap (16,000 euros, 3,200 acres) local whiskey. Today’s hurdles in Fontainebleau: claim (€ 18,000, m. 3600 steeple) Amssetou.

Switzerland – Yesterday in Avanche was the third place with Fiddlesticks, the best result of Andrea Guzinati, sixth and seventh, in a row, with Elador de Romani and Angie de Lonn, in the other two clashes.

Qatar Yesterday in Doha another victory for Alberto Sana (50 in the season) with a skill handicap.

drink – Races will resume tomorrow in the Mediterranean, after a forced halt due to regional regulations on equine herpes: 57 beginners are announced to the five scheduled races, and the conference begins on 14.05.

Milan – Three contracts tomorrow for Gabriel Malone, who took Stefano Puglis as coach on this return to Italy as the second mountain for Grecetti Gallopo: Sima Sound and daughter of Camelot will ride in Newlyweds and Fulgentia in Primio de Laghi.

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ANAG – Tomorrow morning at 11 o’clock on the Zoom platform, an extraordinary meeting of the Gallup National Association of Coaches takes place for updates and discussion on the state of excitement in the sector in relation to the three races that have been canceled in Pisa but not transferred to Florence (in the picture) With the other four already included in the calendar in April and May. However, there was no mention in the call to rescue the Pisa, Tuscany and San Russo Awards, which was instead indicated in the letter that Ottavio Di Paolo, President of ANAG, sent to Mipaaf last week, in which he abstained from voting on the announcement of the participants all over Italy Starting on Monday 29.

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