Ana Carrasco has goals to be achieved in mind

The start of the World Championships is now approaching: the 2022 season begins on Friday 4 March with free practice, continues Saturday with qualifying and Sunday with racing. In Moto3, with Team BOE SKX, Ana Carrasco will make her debut, with goals in mind.

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Ana Carrasco thinks about the goals to be achieved: what are they?

Ana Carrasco is one of the new entries for the 2022 two-wheeler season. the pilot Spanish She will be competing for the first time in her career in the Moto3 class, but behind her back she is flaunting a world title she won at the WorldSSP300 2018. Anna will be part of the BOE SKX team that wanted her so badly and so much appreciated her. Carrasco is determined: she aims to do a good job and above all has very clear goals to be achieved. In a recent interview with, he said: “My goal is to become world champion again. Obviously winning a world title depends on many things, it is not easy. However, I think that in the medium term, in two or three years, I will be competitive enough. To be able to fight for the title.

My long-term goal is to get as high as possible, that’s for sure. Anything can happen, but as always in Moto3, you should get good results. The goal should always be that. If I can do well this year, next year, or the year after, I will definitely have a chance to move up in that category. Like all riders, I would like to go to MotoGP and be able to compete there. This happens to be very competitive in all categories first and that is the tricky thing. We have to keep going step by step, doing well, trying to be better every year, and if I ever get the chance to climb, I will try to take advantage of it.”

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