An update is available for PC, but it does not solve the biggest problem –

Arkane Studios just launched a new one Update for PC version of Deathloop On Steam, which handles various bug fixes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t solve the biggest problem: the game’s low performance. Let’s see the details.

First of all, update Deathloop on PC solving a problem This prevented some achievements from unlocking on Steam. Now, moreover, in the event of a malfunction, more information about the problem will be given: for example, it will be clearly indicated whether the computer’s CPU does not meet the minimum requirements. Moreover, it will inform the player if the extensions necessary to play the game are disabled by the user or by third-party software.

Deathloop: Arkane's shooting section
Deathloop: Arkane’s shooting section

Unfortunately, what a new PC update doesn’t do is fix stuttering problems suffered by some PC gamers since launch. The team is still researching “potential causes and fixes” and will release new information as soon as possible. The team suggests contacting customer service at this time and reporting the issue if it occurs again before the patch arrives.

The game, regardless of the problems, is a success – Deathloop is in the first and third positions of the best-selling games of the week on Steam.

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