An unusual looking forward-to-date ETF doubled in value in 6 months

There is an ETF that has achieved amazing numbers in the last year. Better performance even from the best tech stocks. You are investing in the clean energy sector, which is a sector in which you will focus a lot in the near future. At this ETF, ProiezionidiBorsa analysts wanted to operate a beacon.

What is?

ETFs, exchange-traded funds, are tools that many investors are not familiar with. However, they have unique properties that are well suited to the investment of small savers.

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Thanks to its properties, it allows for a wide variety of investments, from very small amounts, for example up to a few hundred euros. It allows you to invest in markets that would otherwise be impossible to access.

This is the very interesting ETF case analyzed by Proiezionidi Borsa experts. The ETF is investing in a sector that is almost unknown to most people. clean energy.

It is, in fact, the ETF that belongs to the category of sustainable environmental investments. That is, those investments aimed at protecting the health of our planet. Today we know how increasingly sensitive the economics world is to this aspect. So much so, that a large portion of the recovery plan money is devoted to developing green projects. Moreover, just think of the 110% Super Ecobonus itself.

An unusual looking forward-to-date ETF doubled in value in 6 months

This mutual fund invests in 30 shares of companies operating in the clean energy sector. In particular, it aims to replicate the S&P Global Clean Energy Index.

Why did we want to focus on this tool? Because it is an extraordinary ETF with an outlook and has doubled in value in 6 months. ETF has gained 20% since the start of the year. Last month, the performance was 45%. In six months the yield was 160%. They are performers from technology stocks, or better.

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The tool we are talking about is Ishare Global Clean Energy Ucits and it is listed on the Milan Stock Exchange. Isin’s code is IE00B1XNHC34. At the time of the analysis, its value was just under 16 euros. And since the minimum contract is only one ETF, this means that you can invest in this exceptional instrument for as little as 16 €.


This title has achieved extraordinary performance in the past 10 years and may repeat itself in the future

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