An unprecedented small SUV is coming. All the secrets of the new model –

2023 is the year of good news for the Fiat brand. In the first appearance of little mousewhich should happen in the spring, will follow more important: A new compact SUV that will be the successor to the Fiat 500X (In the opening photo is the Fiat Pulsar, a crossover sold only in Brazil)And One of the most successful models of the Turin factory.

electricity or petrol

The new SUV will have a completely new design (there should be no specific references to the 500 family) and It will share the base with the Jeep Avenger and with future compact SUVs from Alfa Romeo. Production of the three models is planned at Tychy, the Stellantis Group’s factory in Poland. Motors? It will arrive in a 100% electric version and possibly with petrol in some markets, including Italy.

4 metres

Dimensions are still top secret, but we do know that it will be smaller than the 500X’s, at 4 meters long, 1.5 high, and 1.7 wide. The basis on which the small Fiat will be built will be the Cmp of the Stellantis range, capable of accommodating electric or petrol engines. the prices? Still top secret however For the battery-powered version, it could be less than €30,000While for a heat engine it is less than 20 thousand euros.

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