“An unforgettable 2021, too bad for the Olympics”

In the past two years, organizers of the men’s and women’s Tour major events have had to contend with the difficulties of a mobile sport such as tennis in the context of the pandemic; Anti-COVID protocols and managing bubbles and events behind closed doors or with a limited number of spectators has had a far-from-trivial impact on budgets.

For this reason, the news from the UK regarding the 2021 edition of Wimbledon is surprising: Figures officially communicated to members of the All England Club during the month of December have in fact promoted tournaments with flying colours, Those who overcame the epidemic without blaming the blow or almost.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Wimbledon closed the scale of the event, and was won by world number one Djokovic (over Brittany) and Barty, with The profit of 44 million pounds was only 6.8 million pounds less than the income statement for 2019, which closed with a surplus of 50.8 million pounds.. This amazing result was achieved despite the reduced attendance at the event and the cost of booking an entire hotel in central London. The main impact on the attendance of spectators occurred in the first week of the event. actually, The full capacity of the facilities for the major fields has been restored from the neighborhoods onwards, As games go down and it becomes easier to manage the flow of spectators.

The tournament has proven stronger than any adversity already in 2020, when A forward-looking insurance policy that covers the risks of a pandemic that offsets the monetary reaction resulting from event cancellation.

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Most of the profit will go to Lawn Tennis Association (LTA), the national government body that manages tennis in the United Kingdom. The Federation will also benefit from a government grant of approximately 22 million pounds to support the development of the grass-roots tennis community. actually, Emma Radocano’s epic victory at the US Open has led to a growing interest in the tennis world. Hence the government’s choice to allocate funds to improve public structures.

Moreover, as Director Ubaldo Scanagatta reported in recent months, The All England Club has put on sale 1,250 tickets for the N.1 field for the next five years. Additional revenue to fund the club’s expansion at a nearby golf course. Finally, another boost to finances will come from the cancellation of Middle Sunday, which will therefore see the tournament run for fourteen days without interruption, with less TV interference and more peak time.

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