“An uncertain start, then very well. We think of Holland!” – OA Sport

Start a little uncertain, but from the third quarter onwards, a river in flood. Setterosa started the World League SuperFinal final in Tenerife with a big victory. Certainly the summer temperatures in the Canary Islands and the blue temperatures, lit by a wonderful sun, are emphatically imposed 16-9 vs Canada.

Daughters Carlo Celebo, after being dragged with an attack that turned all chances into a numerical outnumber (6 out of 6), they created a real break from the third time after halfway through the game, all ending at 7-5. In the third quarter, goals in a series by Avigno, Marletta, Bianconi, Giustini and Bettini put our team in a comfort zone and the fourth period was marked by malfunctions.

Aside from the somewhat hesitant start, the girls broke up and played a great game, as well as valuable games in attack. This is a group that needs to play games of this level to get in good shape. I am very satisfied with what we did today. Now the Netherlands is coming, we have to reset and think about the decisive match on Thursday in order to go to the semi-finals: we want to put in a good performance.Silipo lyrics (Source: FIN).

Water polo, World League 2022: First win for Citerosa, Canada defeated in Tenerife

So the Italian national team He will be back in the water tomorrow (11.20 CET) for the matchdecisive for passage to the semi-finals, against the Netherlands (Serves 9-6 by the United States).

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