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I playstation case play It is now a new tradition for Sony, which was launched already in the middle of the PS4 era and is now used by the company regularly to show various games and news related to the PlayStation world, as well as in relation to the PS5, so it is interesting to see how it is organized according to some guiding rules, according to an insider.

Millie A, the alleged insider who rose to the spotlight recently to hit various bits of information up front with remarkable accuracy, like Marvel’s Wolverine ad that was actually unexpected prior to the Sony reveal, posted on Twitter sort of a set of guidelines that seem to outline the way Sony regulates The state of play, especially with regard to these dedicati ai third partyJust like the next one.

Remember that October 2021 New State of Play will take place on Wednesday October 27 at 11:00 pm It will focus on third-party games, among which, according to the same insider, there may also be Hogwarts Legacy, although it is also possible that this will be shown instead at the Game Awards 2021.

Anyway, the purported guidelines are completely likely toWhich leads us to consider it valid, also because it doesn’t go into detail but it’s still interesting to get an idea of ​​how Sony also regulates relationships with third parties at State of Play events, while taking all of that as mere rumours, of course.

In particular, there’s talk of pre-contractual agreements binding Sony developers and publishers to some aspects of games that make them appear in the State of Play and the fact that a specific date is not fixed but a week long. , within which the finished assets must arrive. Once everything is organized, the event is built and compiled over a period of two weeks before it is actually teleported and listed on PlayStation’s various social channels.

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