An incredible video showing the power of the Raptor’s vacuum engine

bubble! SpaceX puts the next Starship engine through its paces in a video shared on Friday, which shows the Raptor engine completes a full-term test at the company’s missile development facilities.

15 sec clip, shared across Twitter, Showing a new vacuum variant of the Raptor engine during a test at the McGregor, Texas facility. This variant of the Raptor engine will help the spacecraft travel through the void of space, in contrast to the smaller sea level variants that have been shown so far.

The new variant is a monster: A previous image shared by SpaceX showed that the new version towers over the previous image, with a human being relatively small in size.

It’s an exciting step forward in what may be SpaceX’s most ambitious project. The company is developing the Starship at its Boca Chica facility in Texas, and is a stainless-steel giant designed to send up to 100 people or 150 tons into space simultaneously. The vessel will be around 400 feet in height when paired with the Super Heavy booster.

Raptor from SpaceX, with the sea level variable on the left and the space variable on the right.Twitter

The ship is also destined for large missions. Designed to be completely reusable, it is fueled with liquid oxygen and methane. Astronauts can use the ship to fly to Mars, refuel with the planet’s resources, and either return home or venture further afield, and create a network to navigate the planets along the way. CEO Elon Musk outlined plans to send the first humans to Mars by the mid-2020s, and to create a fully-fledged city by 2050.

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In short, this video could be a glimpse into the engine that will take the first humans to Mars.

The clip shows the impressive Mach Diamonds that are formed in the wake of the engine. This phenomenon occurs when there is a mismatch in pressure from the gases leaving the engine and the surrounding atmosphere. The high-pressure gas expands in the low-pressure atmosphere, but then is forced back by shock waves. Popular Mechanics He explained in 2017 that these diamonds can form behind combat aircraft, and they can also be made using home experience.

So how powerful is this new engine? It will be one measurement Specific motive. This measures the amount of movement you get from each fuel unit used. NASA Glenn Research Center It shows how the difference reached this number, but the important thing to note is that it can be measured in seconds.

2013 A copy of the SpaceX website He explained that the Merlin engine used in the current Falcon 9 launches had a specific impulse of 282 seconds to sea level and a specific pulse of 311 seconds for the vacuum. In September 2019, musk He wrote on Twitter The Raptor’s sea level engine is around 350 seconds, and it could go up to 380 seconds for the vacuum-enhanced variant.

it is expected that It features six enginesWhile the Super Heavy version that will help the ship leave Earth is expected to use 28 engines. In short, the emerging ship will have a great deal of power to help it achieve its goals.

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The inverse analyzing SpaceX seems to be pushing ahead with its plans for more ambitious testing. The ship’s prototypes have so far completed jump tests up to 150 meters or 500 feet in the air. These tests used only one Raptor engine: for more challenging tests, such as launching at 20 kilometers, SpaceX is expected to add more engines to meet the challenge.

SpaceX aims to complete an Orbital test flight Sometime next year. The company then aims to make trips to the moon, Mars and beyond, with the latter ship. This video could be a demo of the engine that will power those ships in action.

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