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Take a great opportunity to the last step. It will be a memorable weekend for Irma Caldara and Riccardo Maglioan artistic couple who will be competing this weekend NHK Cup 2022the fifth stage of the circuit ISU Figure Skating Grand Prix held in Sapporo. In fact, Christiana Di Natale athletes will have the opportunity to compete in one of Japan’s absolute temples.

The Azzurri will present themselves on snow beyond the Alps with a date for the already archived travel competition, the 2022 MK John Wilson Cup in Sheffield, where An encouraging fifth place was achieved, which clearly improved results In both programs and in the total amount. One of the targets in this sense could be rThe encouragement threshold is 160 points Obtained in the United Kingdom, it will fix those difficulties that did not go well.

In short, for example, the two skiers received A.S negative GOE in double axis and triple Rittberger ejaculation, Then hit a good free throw and always lose something in terms of points in the jumping elements. In such a prestigious context, our boys will be able to allow themselves the luxury of competing in a race without losing anything, and letting themselves be carried away by the path of Positive feedback from the audience and focus on themselves only.

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The lobby of the participants will then be prestigious: Irma and Ricardo will, in fact, compete for the hosts Reiko Miura-Ryuichi Kiharawith the Kovalev spouses (authors of a major achievement in France) and with the Germans Annika Hook – Robert Kunkel. All teams must be carefully analyzed in order to be able to continue on the growth trajectory that is going forward in full force at the moment.

Photo: Valerio Orrego

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