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Ferrari and Red Bull faced each other openly in the first two Grand Prix races of the Formula 1 World Championship 2022. Maranello Scuderia is back on top after two years of complex competition, as Charles Leclerc triumphed in Bahrain and then finished second in Saudi Arabia, just half a second ahead of Max Verstappen. It seems that Helmut Marko, Red Bull’s reference man, is very afraid of a wild horse He talked about how Ferrari manages its tires better.

However, another factor has been identified in Red fit and will be the weight of the car. Helmut Marko speaks into microphones “I agree that Ferrari is a little lighter than Red Bull and Mercedes. I can’t yet confirm when a lighter version will be brought to the track, today it’s very difficult to get rid of the weight of the car because there are budget constraints that must always be kept in mind, and you have to find the right compromise. But one thing is for sure: this season it will not be possible to stay in the leading positions with an overweight car“.

Formula 1, Helmut Marko: “Ferrari prefers new tyres. Sainz is number 2, and it won’t help us take the points away from Leclerc”

Therefore, there is talk of a slimming treatment for the Austrian national team, who also hired about fifty Mercedes-Benz engineers to try to confirm their presence at the top and win the world championship after winning last year with Max Verstappen. Ferrari seems to have all the qualifications to dream big, but the season is very long. We will be back on track next weekend with the Australian GP in Melbourne.

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