An hour after Biden is sworn in, Trump will face impeachment

Who knows how many times Donald Trump will think about spoiling Joe Biden’s inauguration. Imagine a Hollywood breakout. Or a promise to return to the next elections, while remembering that the 2020 elections have been stolen.

Well: without any of these options, Donald could achieve the goal of keeping space away from the democratic rival. And not just his long-awaited inauguration day. But for the next 100 days of management. Such as? If the deadline is met, impeachment will begin on January 20, exactly one hour after Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. is inaugurated. Against the outgoing commander in chief Which, inevitably, all floodlights in the world will be on.

Donald Trump will be on trial for instigating the congressional attack, With an explicit reference to the events of January 6. However, for accountability to have a tangible effect, it would need to get the approval of two-thirds of the Senate, and the support of many Republican senators would be nearly necessary. However, the same people who oppose the process but Biden need to start his job as president, approve a new executive branch and an important economic package to support the coronavirus emergency.

Without bipartisan support, the first 100 days of the Biden Harris government will be extremely complicated. Who knows what Donald Trump will think. Perhaps we can expect that.

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