An easy guide to see if your TV needs a new decoder

How long has it been since the first digital land was introduced? Just under twenty years old. A process that began in Sardinia and was completed almost ten years later with Calabria. We said goodbye to the analog channels that emerged in the 1950s to plunge into the digital age. However, in a few days we will enter phase 2.0 of this new era and we must be ready for change.

As it often happens, this frightens us, frightens us, we don’t know if we will ever be able to face it. Then, more often than not, once we got in, we find that it’s not that bad and dealing with it wasn’t that hard. This is what will happen in a few days, when we are called to face a new technological revolution for our televisions. Many of them will not tolerate it and will have to be cancelled. Others will need the help of a decoder to continue viewing our favorite shows.

MPEG2 encoding will be terminated and replaced with this DVTB / MPEG4 Which will allow us to watch all channels in high definition (HD). Not all of our devices will be able to resist the introduction of this novelty. As of October 20, the current mixes of nine Rai channels and six Mediaset thematic channels will be discontinued. This is the full list:

  • Rai 4
  • Rai 5
  • Ray movie
  • Ray Yoyo
  • Ray Sport + HD
  • History of Rai
  • Ray fetch
  • Ray Premium
  • Al Rai School
  • TGCOM24
  • Mediaset Italy 2
  • Boeing Plus
  • Radio 105
  • TV R101
  • Virgin TV Radio
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An easy guide to see if your TV needs a new decoder

From November 15th, the new digital Earth will be finally introduced and we’ll have until 2023 to adapt. But the sooner we do it, the better for the completeness of the channels we can follow.

The following procedure will make each of us understand what is the way to go between changing the TV or buying a new decoder. If you have a TV that was purchased after January 1, 2017, the problem will not appear. The revolution will pass unscathed on devices of this type.

But for the former, this would not be the case. You should perform a simple test to understand whether the TV is suitable for receiving the new signal or not. Enter the number 100 and check if a mark appears with the words Test HEVC Main10. If so, then our devices are sure to be compatible. If not, do not despair and try to do a new tuning. If the mark does not appear on channel 100 even after this procedure, it will be necessary to run for the cap. The choice will be between changing the TV or buying a digital terrestrial decoder with a DVB-T2 tuner.

An easy guide to see if our TV needs a new decoder. At this point, it will be necessary to inquire about 3 items to consider for choosing a TV and benefiting from the €100 bonus or on any one untie Choose to buy. Maybe take advantage of Black Friday Next November 26th.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings of this article, which can be referenced Who is the”)
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