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An Australian couple finds a venomous snake in a salad bag

Its scientific name is Hoplocephalus bitorquatus, but in Australia it is known as the “pale head python”, which is aggressive and poisonous. But these were not – most likely – the first considerations that the couple made in Sydney as soon as they saw the small sample coming out of the salad package that he had just bought in a supermarket (Here is the video).

A continent of extraordinary animals

It is well known that in Australia one must be careful of domestic animals: from giant spiders to sharks, from kangaroos to cassowary birds, and from poisonous jellyfish to terrible eels, they are a repertoire of animals that are made in Europe and the United States of skin crawling.

But even on remote continents, the snake in the salad bag is considered too much. Alexander White and Emily Nate spent a bad quarter of an hour when they saw the animal peeping.

By contacting the Natural Museum, experts explained that it was a snake with “medicinal properties,” information the couple considered positive, while instead of this artistic expression, it was intended that the venom of the reptile was not fatal, but was still a nuisance. Ailments. From localized pain to nausea, headache and even blurred vision.

It is poisonous, but not fatal

Fortunately the little snake, despite being described as “extremely aggressive,” after taking its head out of the bag, clumped into the lettuce and apparently found it more welcoming than the outside environment.

So that the couple can seal the sample in an airtight container and hand it over to the experts, but be careful to keep it slightly open to allow it to breathe.

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The supermarket chain has now stated that it will try to understand how this episode might happen, and that the definition of extravagance is a euphemism, and has pledged to return the animal to its natural habitat near Toowoomba, for the record. , In southeast Australia.

Power was running out

Also to record, the couple took the salad afterwards, but clarified, after washing it carefully, because there might have been some snake poo.

“From now on I will always remember to rinse it before eating,” Alexander White said, admitting that it was sometimes more neglectful in the past.

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