An athlete enters the park for a need, but someone arrives

The security camera of a private Boston home captured some truly embarrassing moments that occurred during the marathon that took place last Monday: A runner entered a park crouching because of need, but at that moment someone arrived.

to recent times Boston Marathon which took place last Monday which saw a double Kenyan victory (Evans Chebet among men and Helen Obiri among women) A truly embarrassing episode, which went viral because of a private home security camera video that caught the whole thing.

34-year-old Kenyan Evans Chebet won the men's Boston Marathon

34-year-old Kenyan Evans Chebet won the men’s Boston Marathon

An unknown runner from the 127th running of the race, one of the six major marathons on the international calendar, He had an urgent physiological need While traveling 42.195 kilometers from the competition and inexplicably – rather than stopping at one of the toilets set up along the way or perhaps because the urgency was such that he could do nothing else – He saw fit to sneak into the garden of a private house that was on the road to satisfy a physiological need.

The video shows what happens next: the athlete sits in a corner of the yard – which he believes is well protected from prying eyes – while behind the trees you can see the other runners passing by and the people crowded along the edges of the field busy cheering them on. At a certain point, the unexpected happens: A man enters the park path just as a marathon runner has pooped and heads toward him as he walks on the lawn..

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It is not known if the person in question was the owner of the house or just someone who noticed the thing and wanted to make sure that the attacker did not enter the garden, and the truth is that the look exchanged is really embarrassing. The two seem to be saying something to each other, and then another man also enters the corridor. After a while, the runner gets up, pulls on his shorts, and returns to the path behind the trees to resume running.

Everything was faithfully recorded by the camera that in the US is often placed on the doorbell of garden homes. The video, which was originally posted to Reddit by someone who described himself as the homeowner, was removed by moderators on the platform but was later re-uploaded to Twitter, where it gained traction and prompted a lot of comments. Some of these defended the runner, arguing that in the event of a sudden attack of diarrhoea, it was impossible to wait to get to the next toilet on the road.

The competition organizers had asked the athletes to use the aforementioned toilets which were set up on the road and “Respect the communities through which the Boston Marathon is run’, but they evidently did not anticipate the extreme cases in which the pleas of the flesh would outweigh their prayers.

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