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An ancient Roman statue was illegally imported into the United States: it was to decorate Kim Kardashian’s villa

US authorities have ordered a Roman statue that was illegally imported to the United States to be returned to Italy, amid a court proceeding in which the name of Kim Kardashian, the reality hero and social network, was found. The US decision was based on the opinion of an archaeologist who believes that a piece of statue seized in 2016 in the port of Los Angeles was “looted, smuggled and illegally exported.”

Court documents examined by Agence France-Presse refer to the American star’s name as “Importer 0” to the bill of sale of the statue dated March 11, 2016. According to the reconstruction, a Belgian art dealer was hired to decorate Kim. Kardashian mansion near Los Angeles. But a spokesperson for the star denied some US media linking Kim Kardashian to the controversial statue, saying to France Press that it is not “accurate information.”

The statue is referred to in American actions as “Part of Athena Samian of Meron”. The expert Italian archaeologist who examined it describes it as “a classical style, representing a copy of an original Greek sculpture”. The work, which was part of a five-ton shipment, was seized at the Port of Los Angeles in May 2016.

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