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An ancient meteor found in a corridor in the United Kingdom

Some of the greatest discoveries in history have come about by accident. A series of accidental consequences that led humans to make progress in various disciplines. The same thing happened with a resident of Wincombe, Gloucestershire, England, who found a meteorite in his driveway. And not just a debris, but a meteor that could lead to new discoveries about the Solar System.

Meteor from the past

The meteorite in question belongs to a really rare species. It can actually allow us to understand a lot about the past of the Solar System, but just not. The materials that compose it are so scarce that it would take really expensive space missions to be able to recover them. The Winchcombe resident recovered the object after an aerial event in the area. In fact, on February 28, a meteor woke up in the skies over England. A show that was captured in many videos on the web.

An ancient meteor found in a corridor in the United Kingdom

The meteorite is classified as carbon chondrite. This type of meteorite accounts for about 5% of the chondrites and is extremely rare. First of all, these are meteorites that contain water and traces of organic matter. Some of these organic materials are sometimes made of amino acids, and some of them are the same as those found in living things on Earth. The chemical composition is also similar to that of the sun. These meteorites are thought to be an unchanged portion of the original solar nebula. Inside there are also grains of diamond and graphite before the birth of the sun.

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Researcher Sarah Russell, during a press conference on the topic, reported the scientific community’s enthusiasm for the discovery. About sixty-five thousand meteors are found worldwide, and only fifty-one of them are carbon chondrite. Certainly, the chance discovery of this meteorite is not an easy task.

The debris in question weighed about three hundred grams and contained clay materials, indicating the presence of previously frozen water. Whether they contain the amino acids that make up life on Earth has yet to be discovered. This type of meteorite isn’t just an early Solar System artifact that could tell us about the constituents of the planets. Scientists believe that meteorites like this one that brought water to Earth. The same has allowed the oceans to develop.

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