An American study revealed why walking in these areas can prevent many diseases

Fortunately, science and medicine have not focused exclusively on the epidemic. However, in recent months many researchers and many universities have continued to experiment and find new measures for our health. An American study revealed why walking in these areas can prevent many diseases, as well as rediscover the well-being of a married couple. according toUniversity of CaliforniaA walk in the woods, in addition to the usual benefits, also allows the couple to rediscover their intimacy. Let’s see with our experts the results of this study, which once again focuses on the benefit of walking.

A gesture we discovered by force

Let’s face it: Walking before a pandemic was not a passion of the entire world population. Today, after months of the only activity permitted, sport is a par excellence. However, in its simplicity and immediate availability, we often don’t make use of all of its benefits. But an American study reveals why walking in these areas can prevent many diseases. It will be taken for granted that walking in the woods is healthy. Fresh air, immersion in nature, silence punctuated only by animal noise. Everything contributes to ensuring that such a walk energizes the whole body. True, but why is it also beneficial to a married couple?


First-hand experience

After conducting research on a group of women in the 50-year-old group, American scientists incredibly discovered that walking in the woods:

  • The desire to spend a few hours alone with a partner increases;
  • Once the love encounter, preceded by a walk, ends, the couple’s sense of well-being will be much greater.
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Practically speaking, before and after a walk in the woods with your partner will allow the mind and body to find an ideal balance. So much so, that while in Italy we have the saying that “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”, in some regions of the United States, an apple is replaced by a walk. Certainly: the country you go to and the custom you find.


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