An “amazing” selfie. But the two were killed after a 40-meter journey

Two young friends, a boy and a girl, died in Brazil trying toPhotograph just awesomeFrom the top a Waterfall, Then slips and falls into the water. The victims were Fernando Danziger, 31, and his friend Annie Carolina Duarte, 23. The fatal accident occurred two weeks ago near Chicao Waterfall, in the southern Brazilian state of Parana. The search for a perfect and stunning selfie pushes many to venture into high-risk places that has so far caused the deaths of 330 people around the world.

The two Brazilian friends, residing in Londrina, decided to rebuild Sun, For a trip in the stunning natural scenery near the house, this is exactly where the aforementioned waterfall is set. Fascinated by the beauty of the place, these guys, at Any’s suggestion, chose to take a selfie by standing in a very suggestive place, but Very dangerousFrom the region: Chikhao Jump Peak. However, their initiative would have resulted in a tragedy.

The 23-year-old climbed to the top of the waterfall, while trying to take the self-timer, actually backed off. His friend immediately intervened to help her, but was unable to restrain her, and while holding her, he himself slipped. The journey, which exceeded 40 meters from the top of the waterfall, left no escape for the two young men, who were killed immediately at the time of the accident. Even though the local population sounded the alarm immediately and aid arrived in time, there was nothing they could do for the needy. The said tragedy immediately sparked a fierce debate about the safety and control of that natural paradise, which also prompted the authorities to open an investigation into the accident. According to some, the poor monitoring of the waterfall area is due to the fact that this area is Property, With the local tourism authority that has already announced that it wants to seize that land, in order to improve the safety of Chikhao Waterfall. The Foundation’s will to confiscate this area lies in the fact that the death of Fernando and Ay will not be the first tragic death in this natural paradise due to the lack of fences and counter-barriers for taking selfies near the waterfall.

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