An ‘all-terrain’ supercar: What if Ferrari made one, too?

Driving off as an SUV – There is big news in the golden world of dream cars: on the one hand, the powerful influence of SUV fashion, and on the other Search Angry aphorisms performance In new areas, they suggested that some manufacturers of super sports cars and supercars make copies of their gems with raised wheels and an unusual “rugged” appearance. So Porsche brought out the new car 911 Dakara 480 hp 4×4 “monster” inspired by the racing predecessor that triumphed in the Paris-Dakar in 1984. From Sant’Agata Bolognese, Lamborghini responded with Huracan dirt road: Compared to its German rival, it has an advantage of 160 horsepower and an equally adventurous look, but despite all-wheel drive, it has a less off-road career.

In the desert in a Ferrari – Whatever their intended new use (it is very likely that only a small part of those who buy them will venture off-road …), the Porsche 911 Dakar and Lamborghini Huracan Stirato manage to do it Ignite the imagination For car enthusiasts. And for the more creative, imagining their favorite supercar with its soaring ride and knobby tires practically became a conditional reversal. Undoubtedly, a noteworthy exercise has cropped up on this topic Instagram: in an adventurous “all-terrain” variant called the Dakar Cross Edition, used ildar_project to imagine Ferrari SF90 Stradalei.e. the top model in the Prancing Horse range.

Who knows how much it will cost… – In its glorious 75 years of history, Ferrari has never been so “out of the box” as with Thoroughbred Ferrari, which is the first four-door and first crossover. Which is why it is not hard to imagine the effect it will have so soon on a sold-out super SUV, to see leaving the gates of the Maranello factory. SF90 sand and gravel. The recipe, in theory, isn’t too different from the one Porsche and Lamborghini follow to mount their high-wheeled supercars: greater ground “clearance”, reinforced tyres, plastic fenders and wheel arches, to protect the bodywork, and that is that. Fortunately, dreaming costs nothing. Because, by comparison, the €320,000 estimated for the Huracán Sterrato is probably small…

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