An AI-generated beer ad goes viral, it’s ridiculous

An artificial intelligence has created a fictional beer commercial. We get to see some typical elements of these products, but the video went viral Silly and brutal things that contains. The video is titled “Synthetic Summer”, and is 30 seconds long Back about a week ago and, According to an analysis by Ars Technica,” using Runway’s new Gen-2 AI model,” one of the algorithms available for video creation. The video is an attempt at a commercial for a fictional beer brand, and shows a group of people having fun around a barbecue on a beautiful summer day. What you see goes From a slight impressionability to a complete hallucination, with flaming cans, giant jaws, hellfire, anything and everything. The material might appeal to directors like David Cronenberg or Rob Zombie, but I’m not sure it’s suitable for selling a mild alcoholic beverage.

Or perhaps the intention is to represent the consequences of overeating, perhaps mixing it with too much food?

Whatever the case, they are the problems and drawbacks of that We’ve seen it many times, both in photos and videos generated, but this example is perhaps the most extreme (so far). Among other things, the human producers seem to have selected the best parts, then edited them and put music to them. Who knows how worse one might think.

I don’t know who could buy the advertised beer (or pizza from the other day), but it’s clear that AI still has a long way to go in photo and video creation. On the other hand, it is also in the generation of scripts that there is a problem hallucination It might be more problematic. It occurs when an algorithm invents information from scratch; Only then is it not clear that it is configured, which can lead to human user confusion, or additional work to clean things up. And at this point, maybe we can also go it alone. In any case, there are many who fear that AI will threaten their jobs, and these fears do not appear to be unfounded. Only yesterday we learned that IBM will cut nearly 8,000 jobs In the coming months, to replace them with artificial intelligence systems. And in the United States, film and television writers are on strike also Because they are afraid of algorithms.

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