An 8-year-old model lives with influencers who are 13 years old. The authorities intervene

Very famous model and influencer in Ukraine, but she is only eight years old. Young girl is already starting out in the world of fashion and social media A few days ago she announced she had moved on with influencer Pavel Bay, a 13-year-old boy and her “boyfriend”. Their social photos, in two typical adult poses, had already raised their noses, but moving together in the Ukrainian capital was the straw that broke the camel’s back for users. Mila Maxanets’ parents gave their approval for the transfer and emphasized that they never tried to take advantage of their daughter’s fame, but the followers are not of the same opinion. According to families, children should do what they think is right and be free, but users are asking authorities to intervene.

Attorney and crime scientist Anna Mallard commented on the matter on her Facebook page, directly accusing the parents of acting towards the children. Mallyar said, “He has millions of followers on social media – as Mallard said – and he is a true idol of minors. There is a risk that they want to imitate him and become prey for pedophiles, because it is unreasonable for a boy to live with his friend. At such an age. Slave, as nothing is known of love. This interferes with the normal sexual development of children. ” The two lovers post couple photos online without adult supervision. According to local media, the girl’s mother actively encourages her professional daughter on Instagram and will not see any harm in moving to Kiev.

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According to local media as well, the two minors also threw an impromptu wedding ceremony on Instagram. All of them are fake, of course, but the parents would have encouraged the process because they believe it will generate a lot of revenue on the social network.

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