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a star Twitch KaitlinAmouranthSiragosa has finally made it clear The secret of her success As a streamer, that is, how did she manage to become the world’s first female streamer. 28-year-old Amouranth is the most watched in the world. He is making a fortune every month with OnlyFans and has invested millions of dollars in various businesses, such as some gas stations.

But what is her secret? Work hard and be efficientAs he wrote in a couple of posts on Twitter: “Someone once asked me about my secret ingredient and I said, ‘If you’re not very talented and you’re not particularly smart, work hard.” Her interlocutor told her that there are many who work hard.

According to Amoranth, there are different levels and ways of working. To illustrate, he paraphrased a famous poker-related saying (“If you’ve been playing poker for thirty minutes and don’t know who a gonzo is, you’re a gonzo.” Ed.): “In business for a while and you can’t name the most talented, the smartest, the most difficult, the tallest. Definitely… then it’s not you.”

Amouranth then added that she doesn’t feel smarter or talented, but is using her work time more effectively. He then noted that hiring collaborators can improve that efficiency.

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