Amouranth is so popular that it can be a class of its own –

KaitlinAmouranth‘Siragusa is the most streamer common that it Twitch. In fact, it’s so popular that it could be a category of its own, at least according to the latest data on the hours of broadcasting users watch. Even stars like Pokimane and SadDummy can’t stand it.

According to the latest developments data Processed by StreamElements, Amoranth has an average of three million hours of views per month, much more than Pokimane, which stops at 1.7 million, and SadDummy, which is just 1.5 million.

All categories he touches reach new categories registerFrom that hot tub to board games, passing through the infamous ASMR Live Tub. Siragosa, on her own, loves to roam, being active in many different classes. It’s clear that Twitch sponsors, for most gamers, find it interesting, despite some moral rhetoric.

Amouranth is the most successful streamer on Twitch

On his own, Amouranth is clear that this success will not last forever and he has already prepared a retirement plan: “I have a feeling my popularity on the internet is fading so it would be foolish to start and run a company by spending money just to keep the lights on, and expect to earn the same amounts every year.“Of course, if the numbers stay that way then it is clear that he will retire after several years.

It must be said that although it is undoubtedly the best streaming device for hours of watching, it still lags behind the streamers. To get into the top ten, you need about 2 million hours of watching. Not few.

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