Amouranth is creating a new meta based on Twister and it’s already working –

Despite the detractors, Kaitlyn”Amouranth“Siragusa once again proved why she is one of the most successful live streamers on Twitch by inventing a new one”dead‘, which is characterized by Twister and yoga pants combination, which has already become popular on the well-known streaming platform.

What is this new formula launched by Amouranth made of? Just play Twister Live. To be clear, you should place your hands and feet on colored circles, chosen randomly using a board. They are all wearing yoga leggings or shorts, which is clearly an “plus sign” that a certain type of user will appreciate in the live stream.

As reported by Dexerto, it is thus a new format in which the player touches the limits of Twitch’s Terms of Service, without breaking them, and is already a huge success. These “tariffs” often start out well, but sometimes the streaming device fails to regulate itself, as in June which was blocked due to live ASMR quite a bit.

As it turns out, the Twister isn’t the only new addition to the Aouranth repertoire. Recently, a streamer also tried her hand at classic Jenga during one of her live hot tubs. As it turns out, it takes not only a good body to earn $1.3 million a month on Twitch but a lot of creativity as well.

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