Amouranth define themselves as cowards who do not disclose the reasons for the ban on banners –

La Top Streamer KaitlynAmouranthSyragosa accused Twitch of cheese, because it does not reveal signs i Reasons to ban them. For a girl, it is just a way to avoid controversy and accusations.

Recently, Twitch started sending to forbidden The name of the stream that caused the action and the date of the violation, but he decided to hide the reasons, which caused discontent among many among those who wish to understand why they were expelled from the platform, either temporarily or permanently.

Amouranth would like the situation to change as soon as possible and for Twitch to become more visible as a platform, explains the ban in more detail and thus agrees to be Responsible with its own rules.

Amouranth: “They do this because they don’t want to take responsibility for telling you what you did wrong. They do not want to bear the burden of supporting their policies.

In the past, Amouranth has admitted that she spent whole days trying to figure out what led to her latest ban, which happened last year, with no one ever telling her what to avoid so it wouldn’t happen again.

It must be said that a person like her often produces content to the maximum, so it may happen that a stricter interpretation of the regulations may lead to a ban. The fact remains that it would be right to make the banees understand the real reasons for the ban, without forcing them to make assumptions, which are probably completely wrong.

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