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Expectations are rising for the 2022 Chefs Bonus to start operating, and the tax credit for professional chefs in hotels and restaurants of up to 6,000 euros approved by the government in recent weeks. Let’s see in the next article who can benefit from this facility.

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The bounty chef Consists of Tax credit up to 6000 EUR Favor Professional chefs for hotels and restaurants for certain types of spending. After months of waiting, the procedure is finally ready.

Let’s see in the following article everything you need to know about it.

Bonus Chef 2022: When and how it works

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The bounty chef It was introduced under the Budget Act 2021 and consists of a Tax credit up to 40% of costs incurred, up to a maximum of 6000 euros. Under the Millbrough decree, the extension of support has reached December 31, 2022, but so far the timing and procedures Request To be followed to benefit from the bonus in the current year.

The measure is dedicated to professional chefs who work in kitchens Hotels And the Restaurants, both employees and self-employed persons with a VAT number, even in cases where they do not have the ATECO code. The total budget allocated to the measurement is million euros for the year 2022.

The tax credit can be used to purchase durable capital goods and to participate in professional refresher courses.Rigorously working on the activityBut what, in detail, are the expenses that give the right to tax credit?

2022 Chef’s Bonus: Allowed Expenses

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The bounty chef It can only be used for the following types of expenses:

  • Buy Professional tools and equipment for catering;
  • Buy high power machines to preserve, process, transform and cook food products;
  • there Participation in professional refresher courses.

The tax credit is usable In clearing via F24 And transferable to other subjects, including banks and other financial intermediaries.

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