Among us stands a massive spike in Discord mobile app downloads

The surprising success of InnerSloth Between us It was one of the biggest Twitch stories that happened this summer: Over the past month, The game increased by a full 650 percent in watch hours on the site. (It got so popular all of a sudden that developers are in InnerSloth canceled Between Us 2 To focus more on the first match.)

Her success has spawned other successes, too. Between usThe surge in popularity has brought Discord mobile app downloads to new heights. Such as Adam Blacker of Apptopia recently noticed itDiscord: “Discord has achieved a new level of mobile app downloads every day since the 5th of September.” That’s about 800,000 installations per day.

Photo: Apptopia

The reason for Discord downloads and Between usPopularity is related, of course, because the game requires voice chat to function. It is a stealth role game. Your duty as a crewmate is to sniff the crooks on your ship before they kill you all. Since the game is multi-platform and you need to chat with your teammates to find the crooks, it is important that you find an easy way to communicate with everyone at once. Discord also integrates fairly closely with Twitch, which means it’s easier for you to broadcast your gameplay to the world.

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