Among the Italian places to visit at least once in your life, here you will spend little

Among the Italian places to visit at least once in a lifetime are hidden and little-known areas near places full of tourists. Let’s see together one of these places that is in our country.

Italian places to visit

Italy It’s full Great places to visitNot only in summer but also in winter. Just think of the history and architectural structure of Florence or beautiful Colosseum to Romebut we can still go on and on about many thrush Scattered throughout the peninsula are many structures full of history. Then there are the stunning landscapes offered by the mighty mountains and coastlines that are spread across the region. How not to name a file Gargano or the Gran Sasso Or climbing even further is beautiful Alps.

Scaliger Castle, Lake

Wherever we go, our country gives us gifts Nature sights and a lot of history. However, we are in the summer and are always looking for The best beaches and sea. Southern Italy has the best beaches and is a tourist destination for people from all over the world. But even ascending towards the middle and north of the shoe, you can find hidden treasures. the carrots And yet they are the best in this, providing us with a sea with very clean water and shining beaches of different colors. And close to one of the most visited places in Sicily is an unexpected place to visit.

An Italian place to visit of unexpected beauty

We are involved Sicilymore precisely in the surroundings of beauty Taormina. It is one of the world’s most famous stations, and in fact Taormina offers many shops and bars, as well as very elegant and luxurious restaurants. The beauty of this city has made some celebrities fall in love with it poets And artists From different times and places. One of the coolest features, apart from sea amazingand the Ancient Greek theatre Surrounded by a beautiful park that hosts concerts and shows every year.

Italian places to visit:

Moving our gaze to the background, we can notice a beautiful majestic mountain. not a simple mountain, but a real volcano, which is the largest in Europe, Etna It is considered a legacy UNESCO (Product of nature or man which is of exceptional value to mankind). Nice to admire the volcano in the background, however Climbing slopes From it we will be able to enjoy a more beautiful and wonderful sight. You can make a real one to rise Through the landscape of cliffs, which is a bit reminiscent of the lunar atmosphere. We will find paths that are difficult to walk, but once we reach the top, the extended terrace will allow us to enjoy the wonderful panoramic view.

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A place to visit shrouded in legend

The beauty of the place also personifies rebirth legends And stories On site. And this is exactly what happened to Etna as legends tell a strange legend. The volcano, as we know very well, is active, according to legend, this activity is caused by a giant imprisoned inside it. The legend tells of how the Greek goddess was resurrected Athens forced Enceladus In eternal life in this captivity after his defeat. So his tortured breathing would be a causevolcanic activity It is generation volcanic eruptions As well as the constant movements of the annexed lands.

This strange story does nothing but increase the curiosity in visiting this beautiful place. So what are you waiting for? Plan your new low cost trip and visit Sicily like never before.

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