Among the fertilizers for our plants, here is an unusual type that comes from pigeons

Ground coffee, banana peel, eggshell. An excellent all natural fertilizer for greening home gardens and terraces. We even see tea bags, in the article we are referring to at the end of the reading. But, among the fertilizers for our plants, there is an unusual type that comes from pigeons: cotton balls. Provided that it is pure cotton and not a material mixed with synthetic fibers. Let’s see in this article by our experts where to find other unusual products for high-quality composting.

Hurray for recycling

There are countries like Northern European countries, for example, Denmark and Norway, that reward their ideas and actions in a thousand ways. If we think that the idea of ​​distributing plastic bottles against the euro was born there. Example? Pick up used plastic bottles and put them in huge bells or dispensers for a few euros. Or: days dedicated to collecting and delivering paper to the landfill in exchange for a kilogram of ice cream for the children. Unfortunately, this is not our case, but we can also have some insights, perhaps for our garden.

Pure cotton is good for plants

If we think of cotton and greenery, the thought definitely goes to the endless crops and farms of America. The most famous of them is Gone with the Wind, which started American Civil War. However, among the fertilizers for our plants, there is an unusual type that comes from pigeons:

  • Fillings.
  • Floppy disks;
  • Make-up remover pads.

Provided, as we said, that they are of pure cotton and have no synthetic traces. Let’s not throw it away, but let’s prep it and slice it into a bucket with household waste to form a really good compost.

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Beautiful bucket full of useful clippings

Who knows how many scraps we’ll collect in this long Easter Bridge. Let’s reuse it, take a bucket and peel it all together, maybe with the remaining wine and beer on the table. If we are preparing to plant something, we make a nice pit and bury our compost ready to feed the roots.


We can really think of everything but not that food was an exceptional fertilizer for our flowers

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