Among the best doctors in Italy is otolaryngologist Michel Cassano

Puglia stands out at the Best Doctors Awards 2020, the most prestigious recognition given at the beginning of each year to the doctors who distinguished the most in the previous year: among the best Italian doctors, who were identified and awarded thanks to the vote of their colleagues. In fact, there are three specialists from Bari, Foggia, and Lychee.

Regional doctors who entered the Italian Health Excellence classification by right are Professor from Bari and hematologist Georgina Specia, otolaryngologist born in Bari but resident for many years in Foggia, professor. Michelle Cassano de Rionetti, and Lychee Oncologist, Dr. Silvana Liu.

Together with them, another 47 doctors were awarded from all over the peninsula in 17 different provinces: 20 in the north, 20 in the center, and 10 in the south and the islands.

In the intention of the company specializing in technology services for private healthcare, the 2020 edition of the awards aims to be a tribute not only to the 50 winners, but to the entire category, for the effort and commitment shown in the battle (still in, of course) against the Coronavirus.

Elected by colleagues: In fact, doctors are called periodically to indicate which specialists they will rely on in case of need or who will recommend a family member. On the basis of the nominations collected, a kind of “gold record” for medicine is then drawn up, with professionals placing their trust in a greater number of voters.

The evaluation method fully reflects the model of the best doctors in general, based on accuracy, careful selection and excellence. In fact, the online platform is not a simple list of professionals, but a prestigious board that can only be taken into consideration after referral by a colleague.

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Once the reference is received, it is necessary to pass the most rigorous and excellent selection process, which is conducted in cooperation with Adecco Medical Science, and in the end only 10% of the physicians that are evaluated have passed the quality audit and joined the committee, currently more than 60,000 physicians. Another review of the board is carried out annually, taking into account the reviews of patients who have already visited the doctor.

2020 has been a tough year for everyone, but more than that for healthcare workers: that’s why we believe the award, symbolically, should go into the entire category for the effort and commitment shown. ”Comments Alberto Porciani, CEO of Top Doctors®. At Top Doctors® we immediately tried to make our contribution. In the midst of the emergency, our telemedicine services are being increased and made available to physicians free of charge, with the dual aim, when possible, to ensure an online consultation for patients whose visits have been canceled, as well as to reduce the burden on health in the form of apartments.“.

Top Doctors® is the online platform that selects and provides users with a panel of the best medical professionals, centers and private clinics on an international level. It has the most skilled doctors in every specialty and treatment in Europe, Latin America, the United States and the Middle East.

Born with the aim of responding to the need to know the best specialist to turn to to deal with a health problem, the platform now has 100 million visits and 2 million appointments annually for patients who have relied on this network to choose a doctor in Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Argentina, the United States and Saudi Arabia.

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