Amnesty International report who accuses Ukraine? The Italian journalist’s transcript in the field: “I will explain the mistake made by the NGO”

I completely got rid of the context of the ongoing conflict“. like him Cristiano Tenazzi، , a military journalist who collaborates with the Mediaset Group sets out Report From AI where is she It states That Russian forces, as well as Ukrainian launched «Attacks from within residential areas They settled in civilian buildings in 19 towns and villages in the region “putting the population at risk despite their ability to choose areas far from populated centers as military bases, which were set up instead in public buildings, such as schools and hospitals.”

‘Amnesty called her and then she ignored her’

Tenazi recounts his experience as a field reporter in Ukraine, explaining that Amnesty International called him but he was unable to respond. In his attempt to restore contact with the NGO, it was possible Frequently ignored. The reporter also explains, in a long thread on Twitter, that yes, he slept in one The school Where there was a battalion but”There were no armed vehicles or artillery piecesSchool was just a place to sleepAnd the keep away from the front And the give food to hundreds of soldiers “who were evacuated when the information learned that an upcoming Russian bombing would have included civilians.” The journalist asserts, then, that civilian buildings were being used for military purposes, “but contrary to what Amnesty International says in his report, I did not see gunshots or artillery shells,” he said.

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According to Tenazi’s experience, it is clear that the troops are moving in the middle of the villages, and they are Russia is responsible for the bombing In places where there are no military equipment but only human beings. He writes: “Cities have become fortresses, and there is no clear separation between them civilian and militarywho comes They are treated in the same centers. “Am I a target?” You ask. He answers: “No, they are not and these are unwarranted bombings.”

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