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America first, Your Majesty. There is no second. This is one of the most iconic phrases in the history of sports and also the oldest phrases that have been said, given that it is Dated August 22, 1851. We will never find out if it was actually pronounced or if it was only the legend that brought it to the present day. 170 years have passed From that moment on and is still remembered, passed down from generation to generation, and mentioned in history books (not just sports). This is the Phrase that has a collateral CAnnounce the result From the first release of the current version America’s Cup for Queen Victoria. The Majesty of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, one of the most famous rulers of all time whose rule lasted for nearly 64 years (her granddaughter, Queen Elizabeth II just celebrated her sixty-ninth birthday), she could have been told that way. . Little did he know that she was going to become a legend and that the competition would be so important.

“Your Majesty, America has won. There is no maid.” Sailboat America, coming from the United States, managed to have the best boats that beat the Union Jack. The one who was born as the Queen’s Cup on the occasion of the World’s Fair in London (it was the first edition of what we now know as the Expo) was brought home by the New York Yacht Club and who defended it vigorously for up to 132 years, with the same rules we know now: Who wins decides The rules and where to race, snatching the trophy from Defender is a mammoth task. is being Winning is the only thing that matters in the Copa America because, as Queen Victoria was told that day, “there is no second.”. The runner-up is the first to lose, as they say in Formula 1.

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Luna Rossa failed to win the Copa America and criticized her attack on the New Zealand team. The Italian crew believed in him fiercely when he led 3-2 in the series at Oakland Bay, then some many mistakes and the speed of the T-Rehutay impeded the dream of the fleet of Shepherd Patrizio Bertelli. Her tricolor association He lost the match race for the second time Which awards the oldest sports trophy in the world. It actually happened in the year 2000, When the Kiwi always won 5-0 (this year ended 7-3) always at Huraki Bay.

In 2003, Luna Rossa stopped in the Louis Vuitton Cup semifinals (The competitors’ championship, the one that this year was called the Prada Cup.) Prada Challenge was defeated by One World 4-2 and ended up Fifth place (Alinghi won the Copa America after beating BMW Oracle in the final of her competitors and then New Zealand in the 100th Guinness Cup match).

In 2007, in Valencia, I suffered a crushing defeat, 5-0, by the New Zealand team in the Louis Vuitton Cup Final. Thus the last third place (the kiwi was demolished by the Alingi in the America’s Cup competition). else Third place in 2013 with the same text: Knockout against the New Zealanders in the final season of the Competitors’ Championship (7-1), defeated by the Americans from the Oracle, comeback champions 1-8. In 2010, Luna Rossa did not have the opportunity to fight at sea because the court ruled that Oracle was the only legitimate competitor to Allingy, while in 2017 Patrizio Bertelli retired after presenting the challenge because he did not agree to change the organization. “There is no second” is the slogan of the Copa America, Even if that day 170 years ago, on a tour around the Isle of Wight, there was a second round, a little twilight 8 “from the winner of the 53-mile course.

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