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From Australia comes a little comedy, a little drama and a fantasy background, but set in an urban context: starting today, April 1, 2022, wolf like me Available in Amazon Prime Video.

It’s a story Gary (Josh Gad), a father struggling to lose his troubled and distant wife and daughter; To shake things up is the arrival Mary (Isla Fisher)She, too, suffers from a bereavement too severe to deal with which at the same time hides a secret that could put both of them at risk of life.

wolf like me Don’t be afraid to mix different topics like suicidal tendencies in minors, and the need for adults to maintain their own identity that is different from their parental role; All this is viewed through a fascinating lens that takes on one of the most classic creatures in the history of cinema, ironically light and pleasant, given the contents.

Figure – 6 episodes of less than about 30 minutes each from numeric string (or web string) And it is no coincidence that Australia is among the countries that invest the most in this format – it pays wolf like me To a surgical precision in the composition of the scenes, in the dialogues and in the narrative structure, perfectly balanced in all its components.

For effectiveness, remember the British Fleabag to Phoebe Waller Bridge: a small series dealing with big topics, a drama That in his solemn simplicity he hides a metaphorical reflection of loneliness, of asking for help and the need to have his own flock.

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