American sailor Ashley’s commitment to fighting racism: “What a thrill to sing in front of Martin Luther King’s mural”

Sailor Ashley admitted she was excited. “Yes, in front of that giant Martin Luther King mural … Damn it was such a strong feeling to be there, to be able to sing over there, and to a fundamental cause of equality and rights.” His voice was the soundtrack to the initiative of the US Navy Band, of which he is a member , At the Consulate General of the United States of America, in cooperation with the Municipality of Naples.

All to celebrate in Naples the month dedicated in the United States to the values ​​of the African American community. To do this, it was decided to deploy the marine band with star lines in places of the city where important murals appear.

So, Ashley, originally from Folkestone, Georgia, sang in front of a mural by Martin Luther King, a global anti-racism symbol, and then let her beautiful voice over to the voice of Kobe Bryant, the NBA basketball champion. To Italy where he spent his childhood and part of his adolescence. Both works are by the Neapolitan street artist Gourette.

Napoli, Ashley, American marine singer sings in front of Martin Luther King’s mural

“A beautiful experience,” says Prof. Republic Young Ashley Bullock, speaking about her career between music and the Navy: “Once I found out that being a musician was also a job in the Navy, I immediately wanted to be a part of it. I’m a singer in the US Navy.” It is not a minor role as it might seem at first glance.

Outside the United States, the United States Naval Forces Europe and Africa Division, stationed at Capodichino Base, is one of the two in the world, the other located in Japan and its mission to represent America not only in entertainment events but also in those that have a political and social meaning (such as meaning Which we are talking about); It is currently chaired by Lieutenant Colonel Robert J. Coates. Some of their covers are also popular in the USA: ‘O sol mio’ finished on NBC’s Today Show.

Ashley is fond of Naples: “I have been living in the city for nearly two years and my time here is an extraordinary experience. The people of Naples that I met were very welcoming and friendly. The place is charming and full of history but my passion is botany and nurseries which I am looking for here too.” The anti-racism video garnered thousands of social acclaim: “The places we filmed are of great importance. However, I repeat, singing in front of the MLK mural was an experience I will never forget.”

Singer Sailor is pragmatic about the anti-racism situation: “There is still a lot of work to be done for equality between men. We will have to keep working on it and try to find concrete solutions.” In his own country, the kneeling protest of former San Francisco quarterback player 49 has become an anti-racist symbol: “I believe that every citizen of any country has the right to peacefully protest according to the laws of his country.”

But there is a long way to go. Everywhere. And we must insist. Even a video clip and a song: “In the movie I sing“ A Change is Gonna Come, ”originally written and sung by Sam Cook. This song is about the hope that someday there will be fair treatment between all people.

Sailor Ashley hopes that day isn’t far away and wants to stay in the U.S. Navy in the meantime. “Then, maybe after that, studying botany and owning my own nursery.”

In the US Navy service, singer, committed against racism and in love with flowers and plants, Happy March 8th to you too, Ashley.

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