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American Patriots in Australia. The priority of the Indian and Pacific oceans

The deployment of some Patriot batteries as exercises in Australia and Japan tells how the Pentagon wants to manage military projection in the Indo-Pacific and how Washington thinks about policy in the region

The US Army has transported a battery of Patriot air defense missiles to Showalter Bay in Queensland, Australia, to participate in the exercises.”Talisman Saber“along with the New Zealanders, the Japanese, the South Koreans and the British.” We are trying to demonstrate our ability to quickly move our units to the Indo-Pacific so that we can counter any threats there. […] Our ability to quickly move to different places, establish and establish the defense of a specific origin,” he said, speaking over the phone Matt Dalton, which oversees air and missile defense units in Japan, announced that a battery in Okinawa will be sent to Hawaii for training next month.

This type of maneuver is noted by “TianwangchengA Chinese intelligence ship has been spotted in recent days inside Australia’s exclusive economic zone in the Coral Sea. Movements in the midst of the new US engagement strategy. Remote control of strategic quarters where you can project your military capabilities at full speed if necessary. This projection should be combined with the allies located in the various regions, in particular with those in the Indo-Pacific, a direct containment area for the ambitions of the Chinese party/state. Along the same lines, there is a rapid deployment of strategic bombers in the warm skies of the Pacific (or over Eastern Europe, aiming at Russia) or other departments. Missions never stopped, as outlined in the latest national defense strategy called Dynamic Force Employment, buzzword In which the Pentagon explains the concepts contained in document (Published 2018, a decade later.)

was for the army already sent A Patriot battery on Amami Island in southern Japan between late June and early July, and a high-mobility artillery missile system on the northern island of Hokkaido during the Orient Shield exercise. The interesting aspect is the reorientation of American forces and efforts. At the end of June, the news was circulated (first published by The Wall Street Journal) regarding the withdrawal of eight Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan and Kuwait. The batteries consisted of launchers, a radar, a power station, a control station, command posts for brigades and battalions: they meant not only equipment, but also dozens of soldiers. The new priority that Washington has given to the various theaters is hidden in the transition to the Middle East. The United States wants to free up resources (physical and central) to bind them to the Indian and Pacific quadrants in order to contain China as we mentioned.

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