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Italy won the European Championship 2021 in American football. The renamed blue team defeated Sweden 41-14 in the unforgettable final held in Malmö, easily storming the opponents’ bunker and disarming: six touchdowns and an absolute show by the Azzurri, who appeared in shape superior to the Scandinavian and deserved to win. The The third continental title in history.

Our national team signed half of a company into the qualifying group, and managed to beat Austria and Switzerland in October 2019. After the pandemic stopped, the competition was postponed, the semi-final against France in August 2021 (due to a lot of positivity within the Transalpine formation) was not played and the apocalypse today. After the affirmations of 1983 and 1987 comes a new joy Standard holders who don’t set limits now e Looking forward to the upcoming international events.

In 2023 the World Cup will be held in Australia. The World Championship is back! Eight years after the last edition. In 2019, in fact, the competition did not take place due to some big compromises (read Austria, France, Mexico and Canada) forcing FIFA to postpone the event for another four years.

The last three tournaments were won by the United States (2007, 2011, 2015), while Japan won the first two (1999 in Palermo and 2003). It should be noted that the United States does not present itself with the NFL phenomenon, but the third / fourth lines clearly have a remarkable technical rate. Americans and Australians have already qualified for the event.

Only Italy participated in the 1999 domestic edition, taking fourth place After losing the Mouwas final against Sweden (second place in the group behind Mexico and before Finland). In a couple of years we will try to dream big, hoping that there will be no more cancellations and postponements.

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