American activists and women’s rights activists protest against Biden

Battle for Saleh Women’s rights. Thus, a diverse coalition of activists protested at Women picket the capital, A nonpartisan event against Joe Biden’s recent moves regarding gender identity politics.

The event was held carefully Monday, March 8International Women’s Day. The Forum, on the corner of 15th Street and Constitution Street, brought together about 200 women from different parts of the United States.

Equality Act, open debate in the United States of America

Several cartels urged senators to rejectEquality Act. Discussion is open in the United States. In fact, there are many legal experts, doctors and parents who reproach On the possibility that the law, which has already been approved in the council, could imply significant restrictions regarding religious freedom and parental rights.

The bill, which has been passed by a narrow majority, adds gender, gender identity and sexual orientation to the groups that protect it Civil Rights Act 1964 against discrimination.

The issues under discussion are very sensitive. It ranges from Protecting women from a sporting point of view To the contents you study in Public schools, Through the issue of a remedy Gender dysphonia in children. The topics are now increasingly politicized.

Finally, the Equality Act could also undermine key provisions regarding Religious freedom. The nerve centers of human society, which deserve an in-depth evaluation that goes beyond the political color, because they are one of the basic rights.

‘A logical issue’

He specifically emphasized the issue of human rights Charlie RayAmong the leaders of the women’s sit-in movement. to me Christian Post The activist highlighted the conflict that arises when Conflicts over gender identity affect the rights of some groups.

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I think a lot of people mean really good and want to protect people and enforce human rights. That’s why we’re here too – announce. But gender identity as a concept – transgender, medical treatment, changing our politics and our social institutions – does not protect people.

A sponsor added that the protesters’ efforts are not partisan because they are rooted in ‘Basic logic’. “There is no political party in this – knowing that women are women.”

An aspect also highlighted before Beth Sayer For the issue of sports. “When a man can enter and obtain a place on a women’s team or on the podium, You are denying women their rights. Men are bigger, stronger and taller. They can destroy women in sports. He said.

Abolishing women’s rights

The psychologist also stressed the need to protect women’s rights Susan Ferling. Given the difficulties in obtaining them, these rights should not even be questioned: “Today we are back where we started, let’s go back to Women as moveable propertyIf we don’t fight. It does not seem possible. But today while Women are abolished as a woman in the name of the lawNow the woman is lying on a tray, stretched out to use for profit. “

In front of the White House, a sign recalls the early twentieth century quote: “Stand up. President, how long should women wait for freedom?” Feminist Radical Advocacy Kara DanskyHe, part of the steering committee of the American Division of the Women’s Human Rights Campaign, called for the executive order to be revoked.

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The boss, whether you understand it or not, have issued a specific executive order for him Eliminate women and girls as a category protected by Federal Administrative Law. Men are not women, even if they say they are; Even if they say they do get to know the women. Moreover, women are not men, even if they say they are, “he said in his speech.

Dansky borrowed from Biden’s opening speech the importance of rejecting a culture in which facts are manipulated and fabricated. President, I agree. Please stop faking the facts“.

Intervention did not know half of the conditions. “Sign. Mr. President, are you willing to protect the rights, privacy and safety of women and girls, or are men pretending to be women?” The time to make a decision is now. Signal. President, we ask you how long should women wait for freedom. “

He continued: “The so-called sexual identity – as he said – is an institutional takeover of humanity and you, Mr. President, are complicit. Take it out of our laws. Remove it from our schools. And stop mutilating the healthy children’s bodies.”

“Sign. Chief, the mask is over. The emperor is naked. The women are tired of waiting for freedom.” Signal. Mr. President, cancel the order“.

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