“America regains the confidence of the European Union” –

from Daniel Manca

French diplomat in Rome: The rift in the Indo-Pacific must be repaired

brief, OkosWhich means one loss for France An order worth 50 billion euros to buy 12 submarinesBut this was like opening a kind of Pandora’s Fund for International Diplomatic Relations. This is likely to have implications for the global balance between states and great powers, spheres of influence and geographical locations.

From the Atlantic to Europe, Paris reaction It didn’t resonate with the annoyance of being removed from the merger New alliances in the Indo-Pacific, but also the fact that Europe is considered a global power.

It’s evolutionEurope’s “strategic independence” (This concern for the interests of the European Union starting with security and defense), which is important Christian Masset, the current Ambassador of France in Rome. He seems to be concerned about how Aukus (that kind of mini-NATO in the Indo-Pacific region, between Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America which takes its name from the initials of the three countries, would discuss, so). «What happened, after the contract was torn apart, is that trust between the partners was broken, not only for France. But what relationship does the United States want with Europe?

Yes, but what does Europe have to do with that?
“With Aukus, the United States broke off the relationship of trust not only with France but with all of Europe. In this story, it was said, we did not see a fileAmerica is back but persistenceAmerica first. This has already happened with Afghanistan with a scheduled withdrawal without any consultation.”

What happened in Afghanistan is clear but in this case?

“In this case, Aukus is effectively denying the role that Europe can play in the Indo-Pacific. That agreement was announced on the same day that the European Commission presented its strategy in this area, which is very important for Europe. There are core markets for our business, and lines of Shipping is vital to our economies. Freedom of trade and navigation is fundamental, and the stability of this region is crucial to Europe. Just think that the major shipping companies are European.”

But what does this actually mean?

This means that our relationship with the United States must be balanced, a relationship of trust and recognition of Europe as a true champion. I see that Presidents Macron and Biden spoke to each other and started a process of consultations.”

And there was a reaction from Europe. Ursula von der Leyen said France was treated unacceptably. European Council President Charles Michel spoke of the disloyalty of the United States.

This indicates that Europe has understood the importance of the issue. Germany, together with European Affairs Minister Roth, also said that Okus, after Afghanistan, is a wake-up call. Minister Di Maio noted the importance of European strategic independence. Undersecretary for Europe Amendola stressed the European importance of the issue.

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You will admit that in terms of safety, France has often shown that it wants to do it alone…

“It is not. President Macron has made European defense a top priority. It has supported permanent structured cooperation in Europe, in which Italy is involved. We have pushed the European watch force into the Persian Gulf, like the Takuba division in the Sahel. Our defense industries are cooperating closely.”

Are you going to bring the question anywhere?
“I was telling you before about the necessary ‘strategic autonomy’ for Europe. We will have the European presidency next semester and we will stick to that. We welcomed with interest von der Leyen’s proposal to organize a European summit on European defense to ensure the security of citizens.”

And in this regard, what happened to the Quirinale Treaty between Italy and France?

« Work is underway to sign the treaty at the end of the year. There will also be the topic of defense cooperation. As President Draghi says: “There is no sovereignty in solitude.” A powerful reminder of Europe that needs and must know who to trust.”

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