Ameca and Mesmer robots have human facial expressions

Among the most famous names in the field of robotics, Boston Dynamics (now owned by Hyundai) certainly stands out, which focuses mainly on the motor skills demonstrated in many videos in which the robots walk, run, jump, somersault and even parkour acrobatics and Mick Jagger On the contrary, the British company Engineered Arts has created robots Ameca and Mesmer capable of faithfully reproducing human facial expressions.

At the moment, the Ameca model cannot walk, although the manufacturer specifies that this functionality is likely to be implemented in the future, however, both Ameca and Mesmer were created as platforms for artificial intelligence and for interaction between humans and robots. that developers and builders can work on.

Even the Ameca and Mesmer explainer videos that we report on in this article have racked up thousands of views on YouTube, leaving viewers with a mixture of amazement and a hint of fear, drawn from watch machines increasingly similar to men. Perhaps one day we will find it difficult to distinguish ourselves from ourselves.

In the demonstration video of Amika, the robot appears to be waking up: as he controls his arms and hands, moves them and places them at eye level, his face expresses amazement. Towards the end Amika is again surprised to turn to the camera, as if at that moment he had discovered someone’s presence, to smile and extend his hand almost as if to greet and introduce himself to an interlocutor.

Even more impressive is the video of Mesmer, a robot that has no body but a head and neck azyonate From 22 custom servo actuators. This model is able to open eyes, smile, pay attention, wink and much more, all created from 3D scans of humans to provide the robot with precise bone structure, skin texture, and realistic facial expressions.

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Engineered Arts is developing bots for entertainment so we’ll very likely see them as attractions at special venues and events: They will also be shown at CES 2022 in Las Vegas, The Verge notes. For all the articles on macitynet that talk about bots and robotics, we start from this page, rather than the ones on AI here.

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