AMD is making fun of NVIDIA in the case of the integrated connectors on the new GeForce

during GPU rendering Radeon RX 7900 XTX and 7900 XTAnd the AMD She did not spare herself a store in GeForce RTX 4000with explicit references to the generous dimensions of NVIDIA’s top range and, above all, to the need to resort to an adapter to power them.

Since then, two weeks have passed in which the issue of children has been discussed at length 12VHPWR connectors fused, the subject of many analyses, many theories and above all a silence that NVIDIA has not yet deciphered. practically The perfect combination to allow AMD to base some marketing on it at no cost.

In the past few hours, AMD’s Senior Director of Game Marketing, Sasa Marinkovic, has had Use Twitter To lead the story, I wish everyone “Stay safe this holiday seasonAnd the statement, which is accompanied by an image of the two eight-pin power connectors of the new Radeons, leaves no room for interpretation of the intent and provocative intent.

In the hardware sector, there has never been a shortage of digs, especially in video cards. NVIDIA was called in to clarify the issue of fused connectors, but over the weeks we’ve asked ourselves several times why we haven’t come to an official position yet on the subject.

The first hypothesis is that NVIDIA finds it hard to replicate what happened in a way that draws a clear description of the alleged problem and a path to circumventing/solving it. The second is that because it is a PCI-SIG standard, it needs to wait for the review by the consortium before officially expressing itself.

The third idea is that NVIDIA is engaged in an in-depth investigation along the entire cable and adapter supply chain and that, simply put, it still needs some time to come to firm conclusions. Just what it wouldn’t have in theory, which would allow AMD to play around with it so easily.

In any case, As reported in the last few hoursWe remind you that currently the most frequently cited option about the origin of the problem is the incomplete insertion of the cable / adapter into the 12VHPWR connector by users. Moreover, the bending angle of the cable will be added too much at times, which will lead to overheating and melting of the 16-pin connector.

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