Amber, the legal case against Striscia has been evaluated. tapir roses

Continue to discuss the case Ambra Angiolini at Striscia La Notizia After the break with the Juventus coach, Massimiliano Allegri. lawyers Valeria de Felice and Daniela MisagliaOn behalf and for the benefit of the actress,They reserve the right to evaluate – Written in a note issued today – All the best initiative to protect their clients in light of the unlawful interference and the consequent astonishing display of a special and painful relationship by Mr. Valerio Staveli‘, Striscia La Notizia reporter. Lawyers also object to’Press release of the Golden TapirIn response to the Minister Elena Bonetti, especially when it is stated thatMrs. Ambra Angiolini agreed“.

Allegri and the story with Ambra: the technician’s response

Ambra Alegre, the answer to the Golden Tapiro

I confined myself to telling everyone what is visible in the video posted on our website, as evidence of any denial – Transcript of Golden Tapir in press release – The desire to turn the episode into a TV series is obviousSaturday morning, Umbra’s intervention Turin Book FairShe was expected to present Viola Ardone’s book by Oliva Denar. Enaudi publishing house and the actress’s press office decided together.Removed her and her daughter from the media hype these daysDirector Einaudi Stile Libero Paolo Repetti explained the opening of the meeting.Ambra liked this book very much, but the publishing house and press office preferred it to stay in Milan. Of course we apologize for this change in the program“, He said.

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Allegri Su Umbra: “I don’t talk about my private life”

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