Amazon shares fly to Wall Street and Bezos earns 8 billion in 24 hours

The bronze medal goes to Bernard Arnault with 168.5 billion, while Bill Gates is fourth with 147.4 billion.

The Pentagon cancels the billionaire’s deal with Microsoft The Pentagon’s decision to cancel the $10 billion cloud contract awarded to Microsoft in 2019 is at the center of a long-running lawsuit, created out of court challenges, with Amazon. The Pentagon surprisingly announced that the Jedi, the corporate defense shared infrastructure, “can no longer focus our needs in light of evolving requirements and industrial progress,” in what is seen as a victory for giant Jeff Bezos.

Is the blame for Trump’s hatred of Bezos? – Amazon fought hard against the Defense Department’s decision to give Microsoft the cap, considering the choice was politically motivated given then-President Donald Trump’s antipathy toward Amazon and Bezos. A theory that was only partially dismantled by the Race Review, from which it emerged that no full assessment of potential ethical misconduct could be made given the White House’s limited cooperation on the examination. “We respect and accept” the Pentagon’s decision “to move a different path,” Microsoft said, noting that the initial selection demonstrated the Department of Defense’s confidence in its technology.

Towards a new Maxi joint contract – Abolishing the maximum contract does not permanently end the clash between the two big tech giants. The Pentagon has in fact announced that it intends to move forward with the “more vendors” project and intends to solicit offers from “a limited number of sources,” or from “Microsoft and Amazon Web Services,” the only two companies able to meet the necessary requirements. Thus, the contract can be divided. Other companies – such as Google, Oracle and IBM – can also be considered if they show they have what it takes. Among the requirements that must be respected is the ability to work on three levels of information, namely, unclassified, confidential and strictly confidential. But also global availability of services and high cybersecurity controls. The new contract is expected to run for five years but its value has not yet been determined.

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