Amazon, on Black Friday, national contract postmen strike: ‘Enough of unsustainable rhythms and schedules’

bundles of Amazon At risk of blocking in a day Black Friday. On Friday, November 26, the Day of Maximum Sale before Christmas, Assoespressi-registered courier employees who deliver in Italy on behalf of the logistics giant issued a single decision. national strike. This announcement comes from a social media post by the Secretary General of Filt Cgil, Michel de Rose, which explains how to use mobilization to say enough for unsustainable rhythms and hours. Sharing will be approx 12 thousand workers more 3-4 thousand seasonal workers Called in to meet peak holiday demand.

The decision was made in Bologna on the occasion of The first unitary national assembly from Executives and delegates from the Group’s contracted cargo delivery segment founded by Jeff Bezos. “At the basis of the strike, there is a demand to reduce workloads and cadences, which have become unsustainable, as well as reduce drivers’ weekly working hours,” explained de Rose. The amount of voltage required from a single bus can actually be up to 200 packs per day, with 130-140 stopping points in 8-9 raw based on a algorithm That is constantly updated without recognition pause or slow down. Unacceptable condition for guilds that they also intend Reduce 44 hours a week first to 42 and then to 39. However, these are not the only problems that shortcuts ask for.

“It is also necessary to give continuity of employment to all employees, when changing the contract and contract, to reduce the liability of messengers in cases of damages and deductions, to increase the economic value of the trip and to provide performance bonus‘, De Rose was always added. Which concluded: ‘It is ultimately necessary to ensure private policydata management and remote control, excluding any repercussions of a disciplinary nature.”

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The strike is expected to have important repercussions not only on consumers but also on the production chain participating in the event. Last year, in full pandemic mode, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday editions, the Monday immediately following the sale of electronic products, were actually the best ever for Amazon sales partners around the world, who got one 60% sales growth Compared to 2019 beyond $4.8 billion all over the world. Among them, in fact, also small and medium Italian companies, which in two days of super promotions sold an average of 203 products per minute.

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