Amazon officially cancel the “crucible” in November

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Amazon has officially stopped operating crucibleFree, multiplayer action game.

Developer Relentless Studios has moved to the official Crucible website with the statement On this issue entitled “Final update of the crucible developer”.

After much deliberation, the team finally came to the conclusion that they “had never seen a healthy and sustainable future before Crucible.”

Instead of continuing to work on Crucible, the development team will shift their focus to Amazon’s MMO new world. There is also a series of additional titles that the team plans to tackle to move forward with other projects.

For players who joined the closed beta that Crucible returned to earlier this year, the game will still be playable for some time. In fact, the developers will be working on a “ultimate gaming test and community celebration” for the next few weeks. There is no date in mind for test runs yet so if you’re looking to get the most out of the crucible now, you’ll need to log in as closely as possible through November. The dedicated games will be available until 3 PM ET on November 9.

Players can now request a full refund or any Crucible-related purchases they made. In-game purchases are disabled from now on. Amazon has posted official instructions for requesting refunds on its official Crucible page.

Crucible has been plagued with many problems since its first announcement in 2016. It had gone through a variety of transformations before that in the end. Debut on Steam Earlier in 2020 in May. However, it was released in the wild and lost many of the features it had initially announced, such as the ways it could integrate with the Twitch streaming platform.

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Amazon is likely to focus resources on the new world mentioned above as well as Luna’s cloud gaming services, which are heading to PC, Mac, iPhone and Android devices in the near future – although there isn’t a confirmed date for this yet.

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