Amazon Luna also arrives in Europe, but Italy is still excluded

Amazon announced that its cloud gaming service, Amazon Moonfinally also available in Europe. Or rather, in some European countries. And no, Italy is not on the (rather small) list. However, it is a good sign, attesting that the giant is still focusing resources on this service, when, on the contrary, Google decided to withdraw from this sector after the Stadia bankruptcy.

As of today, Amazon Luna is available to everyone in the world GermanyAnd Canada And United kingdom. Amazon Luna has been available in the US for a year now. “We’re excited to expand the service, giving more customers the opportunity to play high-quality immersive games without having to buy expensive gaming hardware or make time-consuming downloads,” the company announced.

With the cloud gaming service, the official console also arrives, which will finally be available for purchase even outside the USA.

Designed and optimized for Luna, the Luna Controller can easily connect to your device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Thanks to Luna Controller technology, gamers can switch between compatible devices in seconds. Thus, you can start a game on Fire TV and finish it on your smartphone or PC. Luna Controller is available in Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom.

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