Amazon Key, tests ‘automated’ deliveries in Milan and Rome – high tech

After a tour of more than five years in the United States, Amazon Key also arrives in Italy. This is the e-commerce giant’s service through which carriers can deliver packages to recipients, if they live in condominiums, even when they’re not there. This is thanks to the digital notice board placed at the entrance to the building, where doorbell operators must document themselves to open the door. The test, reported by Corriere della Sera and yet to be confirmed, will affect about 1,000 housing units between Milan and Rome. The system will be managed by a kind of digital Laserwall whiteboard, which already produces screens for condominiums to access useful information, for example area repair professionals, who will act as an automatic “gatekeeper” for Amazon deliveries. Pending technical details on how Key will work, Courier confirms that carriers will be “identified and tracked in real time through the Amazon cloud.” Similar to what is happening in the US, also in Italy, carriers who deliver with Amazon Key will be able to access the apartment with a temporary digital key valid for only one entrance. A method that has become popular abroad especially to counter the phenomenon of “balcony hacking”, that is, theft of parcels when they are left outside the homes in the absence of the recipient. Also in the US, e-commerce has signed agreements with malls and supermarkets to allow them to place their products in a specific offer of the site and allow users to purchase directly on the platform. At this point, the delivery man will go through the store to collect the purchases and deliver them to the customer.

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