Amazon hit: Deliveroo Plus is included in Prime today, but watch out for the asterisks!

Users Amazon Prime Starting today, they will have another reason to keep their subscription: Deliveroo Plus Now included in the subscription, at no additional cost, so they can order their favorite dishes Without delivery costs. In this regard, however, pay attention to two basic aspects.

  • The relevant subscription to Deliveroo Plus is valid for One year-This is not forever. We do not rule out that Amazon may renew the promotion in the future, but the release is now clear and talks about only one free year.
  • There is a minimum order of 25 EUR, required to get free delivery on Deliveroo. Which is included with Amazon Prime is actually the subscription Deliveroo Plus Silverwhich usually has a cost 2.99 € per monthInstead, Amazon offers you. There’s also Deliveroo Plus Gold, which lets you take advantage of free delivery with orders of just €10, but that’s not included in the Prime subscription.

However, this is an excellent offer, perhaps for those evenings when you want to order something with friends, which undoubtedly makes the Amazon Prime offer even more attractive.

Getting Deliveroo Plus with Amazon Prime is very easy. First of all, you have to be a main subscriber, judging by the circumstances. If you are already, that will be enough for you visit this page And follow the instructions to link your Amazon account to your Deliveroo account. Within minutes, your Deliveroo Plus subscription will be active and you can already use it.

Activate Deliveryoo plus

Once the two accounts are linked, you will receive Confirmation email from Deliveroosimilar to what we reported below:


We welcome you to Deliveroo Plus with Amazon Prime. Here are all the benefits that you can take advantage of for the next 12 months.

Free delivery for orders over 25€

Save up to €2.99 on delivery costs per order.

Exclusive offers from restaurants

Special discounts from your favorite restaurants in the region.

Save more than 35€ per year

Take advantage of the included Deliveroo Plus for the next 12 months if you have an active Amazon Prime subscription.

We’ll contact you near the end of the offer, so you can decide if you want to renew or cancel your subscription. Now all you have to do is order and enjoy your meal!

Team Deliveroo

If you have to Cancellation Subscribe to Amazon Prime You will lose too Access to Deliveroo Plus, which you can reactivate by re-subscribing to Prime later. It doesn’t matter Email address The one linked to Prime is the same one used for Deliveroo Plus (practically they can be two different person’s accounts), to get the bonus.

if I were Already subscribed to Deliveroo PlusJust visit This page And click Activate Now, to upgrade to the free plan included with Prime. At the end of the 12 months, your previous Deliveroo Plus subscription will be automatically reactivated, which practically looks as if it has been paused.

However there are some Doubt about automatic renewal or not From a Deliveroo Plus subscription. Amazon reports that Subscribe to Deliveroo Plus”It will be automatically converted into a paid membership of Deliveroo Plus at the end of the offer“, While Deliveroo says otherwiseor that the subscription will not automatically renew, unless the user already has a pre-existing Deliveroo Plus plan, which will then come back into existence, as already defined in the previous paragraph.

There shouldn’t be Expiry datesmeaning every Amazon Prime subscriber will be able to enjoy one year of Deliveroo Plus, regardless of when they decide to take advantage of the offer (unless at some point the two companies decide to dissolve the partnership).

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