Amazon, €746m fine for violating EU privacy laws –

Amazon Receive more I also 746 million euros for violating European privacy regulations. The company has already announced that it will appeal and find the penalty, the highest ever in the European Union, really disproportionate.

This is not the first time such a situation has occurred, for example in 2018 Amazon received a maximum fine from Agcom for abusive deliveries. But in this case we are talking about an amount more than double compared to 300 million requests three years ago.

The e-commerce giant said that maintaining the security of customer data is one of its top priorities, and that there has been no breach or disclosure of sensitive information to third parties, adding that these are indisputable facts.


In fact, this case also began three years ago, when a French group that campaigns for the right to privacy reported Amazon’s non-compliance with European regulations to European authorities.

It is also for this reason that Brussels has imposed the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) since 2018, the regulation under which companies must ask users for consent to process their personal data and inform them of the use for which it will be used.

This information, according to European authorities, would have been improperly used by Amazon to manage ads, but the company claims that these conclusions are the result of a personal and unprecedented interpretation of the rules.

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